Inspiration and Education

Creative Live.  Wow.  I was a university professor for 15 years.  I feel like I’m back there when I watch the classes.  I love learning from the best.

Abby Glassenberg of While She Naps is “guiding me” through the steps of becoming a quilt and pattern designer.  Her podcasts are full of inspiration, links and insights into the sewist world.  All the little details that I wouldn’t have thought of or would have learned the hard way.

Cotton and Steel Fabrics because they are brave enough to mix colors and textures for their own look.  You’ll see I feel the same way as I develop this blog and start adding my patterns.

Julie Cefalu at The Crafty Quilter   Her tag line is “tips and inspiration for your creative side”.  How could I not love someone who uses the word inspiration when my shop and blog name is Grammies Inspirations. Her 2013 Machine Applique series is the best I’ve read and seen (check out the great photos).