Vintage Rings Eyes Eyeballs Ball Needles

Bloggers have days when they thumb through books, troll the internet, do house chores…you know them all.  Today, I did a computer chore.  I started cleaning my computer house.  I started deleting images (what? noooooo!)  Yep I did it.  We live in a content driven world.  Some of us become content hoarders and this content hoarder started deleting old or repetitive pics.

It ended up being a walk down memory lane. I used to sell vintage items on Etsy. There were photos of all these odd things that I had forgotten were a part of my life.  Then I came across a photo I took 11 years ago. Back when I had no idea what I was doing.


I’m sure a photographer could tell me all the wrong things I did when I took the photo.  But I did one thing really well.  I created an image in an image.  Can you see it? Eye can!

You know those CSI type shows where they look at a reflection in a puddle see the killer?   My photo above revealed the eye(s) of the killer.  Somehow the reflection of the camera and everything behind me reflected just enough to create three eyes looking back at me.

What does this have to do with quilting?  I had to ask myself this question, too, because I was coming up on my posting deadline.  My mind went from vintage to rings to eyes to eyeballs to ball needles to when do quilters use ball point needles.

So then I decided to write a post about needles.  There are so many great posts out there already and I have never used a ball point needle.  So I decided to leave this topic to the experts.  I’m not sponsored by anyone but I do believe that Superior Threads has great information about needles so here you go.



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