HELLO! hello! hello! (Echo Quilting)

Echo echo echo quilting is one of the simplest quilting designs that can be done with your walking foot. The quilting lines repeat themselves and are exactly the same as the previous line of stitching.  That’s the technical definition.

Pocket of Chickens Out Tote Bag

I used echo stitching to fill in the space on the pockets of my Chickens Out Tote Bag (pattern coming soon). With an irregular shape, the lines wobble and the width varies. Since all my quilts represent nature in some way, I like the inaccuracy. I put a quilt binding on the pocket edges to finish it.


I also used it in my pumpkin quilt.  In this quilt, I used echo stitching to start, then filled in the rest of the background with a horizontal straight stitch.

A broader view of echo stitching is to imitate the shape of the applique in the quilting.  In these quilted trees, I imitated the shapes of the fabric by quilting in the same style as the applique pattern. (pattern credit: Frivolous Necessity)


If you would like a completed tree, visit the Quilted Tree section in My Etsy Shop.

Check out the picture with the purple fabrics.  I used a scrap of it in my fussy cutting post! fussy cutting 010

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