Where Scraps of Fabric and Bits of Nature Come Together

I have a quilt studio.  It’s 10′ x 20′.  There are my mother’s quilts on the wall for inspiration, open shelves so I can see my batik scraps, a drafting board, 8 bureau drawers of fabric from the 80s to the present, rows and rows of thread, and a nice big table for sewing and quilting.  I have a quilt studio in my head, too.

Ideas are like little packages of seeds.  They wait for conditions to be just right before they grow.  No seed comes to life while still in the package.  No idea comes to life while still in the brain.

As a 10 year quilter, I have designed several patterns for personal use as well as made quilts from other designer’s patterns. I have made several custom designs for clients who found me through my Etsy shop.

But when it’s time to design and publish my own patterns I chicken out.


But I have a determination this time.  I’ve put the seeds in the ground, the scraps on the design table.  The Steam a Seam is coming out of the drawer.  The ideas are showing up on paper and EQ7.  Words and photos are showing up in file folders.

The hard part is that I am learning it all at once.  I live in the help section of EQ.  I listen to all the fabulous podcasts from the While She Naps blog of Abby Glassenberg (and they often mention the future of quilting). I write long pages of text to go with my patterns, knowing that I will have to edit and edit and edit.

With all that ahead of me, I am still engaged and interested.  Creating a pattern and all that goes with it is like graduate school when I got a MS and PhD in Horticulture.  Multiple classes to take, experiments to perform, a thesis to write.  I did this really hard thing once.  I can do it again.

DSCN2448 - Copy (2)


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