Buying the Thread – Planting the Seed

In the last two years, I’ve had 4 surgeries, lost my job, almost lost my life (twice), and had various other trials and tribulations that come with normal life.  All of that took over the way I ate, slept, read, experienced, talked,…… know the list.  We have all been there at some point.

Now, I want to eat, sleep, read, experience, and talk about new things.  It’s time to move forward by going back to my roots.  I love nature, I love the classics, I love quilting. I love taking little things and seeing them become other things.  It’s time to put all of that together.

So, I dug out my EQ7, cleaned the cobwebs out of my head (which is tough when you’re aging) and set pen to paper, stitch to fabric, and keyboard to program.  I am curious to know where that takes me. Roam my Etsy shop to see some projects that reached their potential.






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